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2-19-09  Unreleased Happy Camper is RELEASED!!Image
For the first time ever the game Happy Camper is now available for purchase.  This has been a very well known  proto for years, but luckily it found its way into my hands.  I made a small print run of 250 total of the game so snag one quick if you would like to own this unreleased gem before it is gone!

The game is fully CIB and looks just like an original NES release.  The box, cart, and manual are all #ed to match.  It also includes a styro insert, a dust sleeve and a small packed in woodland creature.  The cart is translucent green. 

They are $55 shipped in the US, $57 shipped to Canada, or $62 shipped to the rest of the world.  Send any questions or inquiries to nationalgamedepot@gmail.com to purchase a copy today. 

Special thanks to Brenda, Tusky, and the rest of Team HC.


A long over due update to the site.  I am am pretty much done with my NES set now.  I just need a Stadium Events box to have a full set.  I also sold my CIB Myraid a few months back for an offer I couldn't refuse.  Recently I've been playing some free online bingo. It's a great game and the fact that you can't win anything is balanced by the fact you can't lose anything.  I have kinda shifted focus and am collecting DS Demos these days, and loving them! :)



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ImageAbout ME 
I am a die hard Nintendo collecting NERD.  I have over 1000 games.  Of those, I have a complete set of all 66 Sachen games, several test carts, all 3 Panesian games, over 30 pirated multi-carts and tons of rare games.  I have tons of accessories, a front and top loading NES, a few test stations, a custom painted black and red NES, lots of controllers, magazines, signs, books, toys, Huge storage cabinet and much much more.  Check out the PIC area to see just a taste of what I have.  Check out the About Me page for how this all got started, and a few helpful tidbits on collecting. 

Image~~NGD Game List
The Gamelist is my legacy for the NES community.  I spent around 2 years of my life working hours on end to make the list.  It is meant to help new and seasons collectors alike.  It is a free download away, so check it out. 
Image Giant NES Page
Has a timeline of how/why the Giant NES was built, plus pics along the way.  Also has a list of several of the sites the NES was mentioned on.

ImageGames Needed  
The games need page is all the remaining NES games that I still need other than the non US releases.  If you have something that I need and want to sell or trade send me an email and maybe we can work out a deal

ImagePIC Page
Has PICS of some of my more rare stuff, a few PICS of my whole collection with some random info with each PIC.

Image The News Archive
This is where I store my previous years worth of updates and finds.  It shows how my collection has progressed and some of the great interesting people I have meet along the way.  It is updated once a year to clean up the homepage a bit.

Image Links Page
The links page has links for some of my favorite sites, and a few of my fellow collectors sites.  Whether you are looking for forums, slots online or fan sites you should find it. Some great resources are linked here!

I started selling on Ebay to help pay for this expensive habit.  I have over 1200 transactions in all with over 700 positive feedback.  I have been a trusted PowerSeller, but lost that status because of laziness.  Also, check out my About Image page.

ImageOffers / QuestionsImage
I will be happy to answer any questions or take any trading offers at Nationalgamedepot@gmail.com








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